Well, it's hard to stay completely [Hidden] with Christine's CoS silencer after the first shot, but you can very easily stay in [Caution] as long as you stay out of their direct line of sight. Which do you prefer more, small guns or energy weapons? Click to see and compare its stats, including damage per shot, damager per second, critical chance multipler and more. Hunting revolver. Shop for cheap price Fastest Bolt Action Hunting Rifle And Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle Vs Hunting Rifle . Sturdy Caravan Shotgun, Dinner Bell, and Big Boomer for shotguns. This Machine is like a cross between the survivalist rifle and the paciencia, its got great power, clip size and rate of fire Christine's COS Sniper vs. Paciencia (Death Battle Edition). Used around 800 rounds of 5.56 AP ammo, and it took a full night to clear it out. Marksman Carbine: All-American. H&H Tools nail gun. Varmint Rifle: Rat Slayer. The nuclear holocaust has merely changed the type of animal hunted by the owner of the rifle. Christine, it also has a crazy fire rate. The rest sucked so much at finding where I was. FIDO. Find the best weapon for you. Soo I stick with Ranger Sequoia and your infinite Wild West style. A number of these military grade rifles has been customized for the purposes of the Gobi Campaign. Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle Anti-Materiel Rifle The damage that I used in my calculations isn't always going to be accurate, but it gives you a very accurate idea of what each weapon is capable of. my main gun. Trail Carbine: None. So to answer your question, i would say Ratslayer Sub Machine Guns.45 Auto Sub Machine Gun: None. Service Rifle: Survivalist's Rifle (DLC). Light Machine Gun: Bozar (DLC). This sniper rifle is an older model of the famed DKS-501, chambered for .308 ammunition. with 33 AP. Best energy weapons are listed below. Is there a developers area with all items like in fallout 3? Its rugged design, performance against a variety of game, and accuracy made it a staple of American hunting before the Great War. Christine’s CoS silencer rifle. Power is all this weapon is about, featuring higher base damage and critical bonus than the standard sniper rifle. I don't like the Gobi cause its loud as **** and ratslayer is alright with AP rounds for tougher enemies. That was fun. yes the bulk of the enemies on normal difficulty are human and the basic hunting rifle will kill a human with a shot to the head usually. Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle (x2, nice crit bonus 48+80 and low AP cost) Pew Pew (x2.5 but only two shots per magazine and Ecells are too heavy), Compliance Regulator (x1.5 but crits paralyze) Q-35 matter modulator (x2 but slow projectile so only good for mid-range) You can also silence the 12.7mm Pistol and sub-machine gun for some high damage and a boost from the Professional perk. Anti material rifle, Guass Rifle or Holorifle since the other snipers are very weak after patch. Hedging your Bets: a guide to delaying your final choice of faction {SPOILERS}. Follows-Chalk’s .45 Auto pistol. Mar 10, 2018 @ 7:10pm AMR if you want insta kills, but gobi … If I don't care about reputation, or when there's some enemies who reputation doesn't matter (Fiends, for example, or things like Deathclaws), or noise, I take out my old trusty Anti-Materiel Rifle and it's half-inch rounds of incendiary or armor piercing death. Hunting Rifle: Paciencia (DLC). I could just empty a magazine sans one bullet, then shoot the ground nearby, reload and they would run to the impact site to be shot again. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. The default Sniper Rifle is the only that can be silenced, well and the Varmint rifle lol. However, the Gobi has a x5 Critical Factor (ensuring almost 80% crits.) I'll show a quick comparison of these five weapons: I always found Christine's to be the most overpowered gun I ever used, incredible snipe distance, suppressed so you don't even give away your position, high damage. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Odd technical issue when using controller. This Machine or Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle? The laser rifle has no iron sights, but compensates with excellent zoom. Codac R9000. The laser rifle makes a decent starting weapon, but with all mods it is extremely powerful, even at high levels. Or when I don't want enemies to find me easily. I don't like the Gobi cause its loud as **** and ratslayer is alright with AP rounds for tougher enemies. This author has not credited anyone else in this file Donation Points system. This is the best guide to remove companions equipment. I don't like either. Sniper Rifle: Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle, **Christine's CoS Silencer Rifle (DLC)*. Cheap Fallout New Vegas Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle Vs Sniper Rifle And Far Cry New The Gobi Campaign scout rifle is located at Sniper's Nest, hidden in a 100 skill gun case near a crate of .308 ammo. Brush gun. How Accurate is a Scout Rifle? The scout rifle is coated in a desert camouflage with a black rubber eye-piece on the scope and comes pre-equipped with an extended magazine, a slightly shorter barrel and a maintenance kit stored in the stock. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. I also took out Quarry Junction with a fully modded out Varmint rifle at like, level 15. The only drawback I got from this weapons was the fact that a cowgirl, and in another playthrough, cowboy, does not use sniper rifles. Vance's 9mm SMG and Sleepytime for SMGs. the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle) or didn't have power armor (Staff Sgt. This is my first released re-texture,It adds a unique 10mm pistol that goes with the Gobi Campaign Scout RIfle Permissions and credits Author's instructions. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. with 100 guns skill which most of these sniping rifles need. Gobi Campaign - all the way, why use any other .308 weapon (eat it 'this machine') La Longue Carbine - cheap to repair, cheap ammo, fast reload. File credits. Gobi sniper rifle VS anti material rifle ao yeah i hvae both and want to know which is better for a sniper class like wat do u guys thinks < > Showing 1-10 of 10 comments . This mod is … I love that rifle so much. What is the most effective sniper rifle that can be silenced? Insta-kills just about everything, and if it doesn't it'll usually bring it down to less than a quarter of health and my followers can deal with it. Dinner Bell Shotgun. The hunting rifle fires slower and does less damage than the sniper rifle, but it doesn't degrade as rapidly so you wont spend as much time repairing it. Bozar. In reply to StrictlyDigital's post on August 1, 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Holorifle/Q-35 Matter Modulator - best energy weapons for those on the go, pure rape in goo pile ️ Sniper rifle is a weapon in Fallout Vegas Commands. Big Boomer. Regular silenced Sniper Rifle ftw. Cowboy repeater. I'm sure we'll get some old faves along with a new lineup Up vote (0) ZA. It's an extremely fragile precision rifle and requires regular repairand maintenance to keep it in working condition. A classic bolt-action rifle design dating back to the 20th century. While the ba… Due to its bonus critical chance, critical hits will be more common. How do I get to the Boomers without being blown up? Where do you find the key for the 2nd floor of the broadcast building at Black Mountain? So to answer your question, i would say Ratslayer. CZ57 Avenger. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Paciencia is a unique hunting rifle. It makes only half the noise of most other weapons, and most enemies will have a difficult time taking you from [Caution] to [Danger], let alone actually seeing you (flashing [Danger]). They're less expensive, easier to come by, and the best rifles, particularly long-ranged rifles, use .308 rounds, such as the Paciencia, the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle, and Christine's Operator Sniper Rifle. There is no key to open it if the lock breaks. How do you get the key to open a set of doors in sunset sarsaparilla headquarters? Also, the DPS is … - Smarkil. There is one more area that can be explore now that you have the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle… assuming you can use it and you’re just a bit foolhardy. So you can keep getting sneak attack criticals until everything's dead. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. It’s a good test to see how powerful your character is now, so consider giving it a try at least. Find the best weapon for you. It can be upgraded with a scope, making it less effective in close quarters, but thanks to its good accuracy, it can be used as a medium to long-range weapon. Like most unique weapons, it cannot be modified with a suppre… Which do you prefer for Sniping, The Gobi or The Ratslayer. Is there a companion for a legion player? - Paciencia (GRA) - Police Pistol (Dead Money only) - Ratslayer (Varmint Rifle is compatible by default as WMX doesn't edit it) - Riot Shotgun - Sawed-Off Shotgun and Big Boomer - Silenced .22 Pistol - Single Shotgun - Sleepytyme (GRA) - Sniper Rifle, Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle and Christine's COS Rifle (Old World Blues only) It also has a 3.5x magnification when looking down the rifle's iron sights, equivalent to a top-tier scope. Sniper does more damage than the hunting rifle and gobi campaign rifle, and also can be modded with a silencer/suppressor and lightweight parts so it doesn't weigh you down as much. Zaphyren. Caravan shotgun. That said, there's obviously a few cases where guys on the front line still used projectile weapons (e.g. Its conditiondeteriorates more slowly than standard sniper rifles. Boone and ED-E only ever shot one Deathclaw who ran up on me. Scout rifles are widely used for hunting and even self-defense. Automatic rifle. Additionally, a scout rifle is also lightweight and uses high caliber ammunition, which can be used for hunting small and big game. Apart from a frame tailored for sniping, it boasts a muzzle flash dampener, a monopod that doubles as a forward grip as well as a rubberized eyepiece and stock for extra comfort. If you searching to test Giant Hunting Rifle And Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle Vs Hunting Rifle price. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Click to see and compare its stats, including damage per shot, damager per second, critical chance multipler and more. Pacienca has the trouble of the clip, and of course it has no scope so long distance sniping is a little harder. The regular Sniper with the supressor is the best silent and scoped weapon. Replied on August 2, 2012. It has a three-round magazine, but boasts higher damage than the regular variant, as well as higher item HP. #1 [TOW] мєтяozєяo. Boone’s scoped hunting rifle. The Ratslayer is too weak, and the Gobi can't be silenced. I've killed a Deathclaw with a headshot from Paciencia loaded with JSPs. Vickers, who fought in Nanjing and Shanghai). The availability of replacement units often cause owners to neglect their rifles, though their performance even while damaged and far between repairs is a testament to the quality of this all American design. R.B. But i usually whip out the Silenced Sniper Rifle for big enemies and ratslayer is reserved for weaker enemies. » Wed Mar 02, 2011 10:28 am . "I'm the straightest guy on this board. There's also the Gobi Campaign scout rifle, a unique variant of the sniper rifle: Sniper's nest - Found in the Very Hard-locked gun case that is next to an ammunition crate with .308 rounds. He has This Machine, A BB Gun, Abilene Kid LE BB Gun, Medicine Stick, La Longue Carbine, Paciencia, Bozar, All-American, Survivalist Rifle, Christine's CoS silencer rifle, Gobi Campaign scout rifle, and Rat Slayer for rifles. I'm so straight that I watch gay porn." Knock Knock, All-American, That Gun, Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle, Paciencia are all favorites off the top of my head. Battle rifle. Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle; Paciencia; YCS/186; Euclid’s C Finder; Oh baby; Holorifle; Medicine Stick; CZ57 Avenger; Survivalist Rifle; Ranger Sequoia; Fallout: New Vegas best energy weapon. The Alpha took about four or five mags of ammo, but it was still awesome. Anti-Material rifle for power, and Gobi Campaign scout rifle for high DPS and critical damage. A scout rifle is accurate enough to let you take down small or big game at a range of 500 yards. However, like many unique weapons, Paciencia cannot … Regular sniper rifle with a suppressor and weight mods for taking out Legion when I don't want to piss them off. xx_toughgamercool_xx. I'm stuck between the two, with This Machine chambering 8 rounds (compared to Gobi's 6) and its 22 AP. Gobi Campaign scout rifle. The Gobi Campaign scout rifle is a unique sniper rifle that was used by the United States Armed Forces in the Gobi Desert military campaign in China before the Great War. like alot of other people said...Gobi is loud as hell...and rat slayer doesn't have the punch needed to kill tougher enemies despite its high critical multiplier...regular sniper rifle with silencer = win (just the right amount of kick with the silencing necessary for stealth kill). But yeah, short version - Suppressed Sniper Rifle for sneaky work, Anti-Materiel Rifle for cleaning house loudly. The Ratslayer will always have a cozy warm place in my heart even if it has become kind of weak. Its main advantage over the standard variant is its extremely high critical damage, which is an astounding 110 points, equal to the anti-materiel rifle. Today I show you everything you need to know about the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle, an awesome sniper rifle that's fairly simple to get! ️ Bozar is a weapon in Fallout Vegas Commands. Gobi Campaign scout rifle is the best in a fire-fight, having the highest DPS and above-average stats across the board. Page 1 of 7 - Sniper Rifle Retexture - posted in File topics: Sniper Rifle RetextureA high resolution, dynamic retexture for Sniper Rifle, its mods and unique variant, Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle Militaryreconnaissance teams were … But i usually whip out the Silenced Sniper Rifle for big enemies and ratslayer is reserved for weaker enemies. Is Fallout new Vegas The Best in the series? Can anyone help me find a certain location? COS rifle is more dependable and more than enough for most of the enemies you face, but Paciencia has it's charms.
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